Sunday, July 15, 2012

Views and Foods

So far, I have been lucky enough to see many views of Tokyo from high up.  Either from hotel rooms, radio stations, or restaurants.  The view is always so mesmerizing and impressive!

This lobby of the Ritz-Carlton was located on the 45th floor at Mid-town.  Stunning views all around, and this beautiful spa-like fountain.  The lobby also smelled of chocolate for a relaxed state of mind.

 As always, I was introduced to some fun new snacks!  These are 'ume' flavored peanut crackers, that look just like 'umeboshi'.

And perfect for these hot days, "Gari Gari Kun" popsicles!!!  They are so crunchy and refreshing!

This is the beautiful entry way to a delicious Okinawan restaurant in Mita, called "Adan".

Delicious drinks with hand chipped ice cubes, and Aji sashimi with yuzu vinegar.

A side dish of Okinawan fruit 'goya' with an ume sauce.  And below some mixed rice, white miso soup, and sangria!

This table is from a restaurant called Sato.  Everything here was made and served by one person.  She is amazing!

Above:  choosing the perfect sake cup to go with my tomato.
Below:  Beautiful sake pitcher and my new favorite grilled little fishies! 

And then of course, last night I had a traditional Kaiseki Japanese meal on the top floor of a building.  So many new foods in this meal I've never had before!  And it all tasted as delicious as it looked.

Needless to say, my belly and my eyes have been happy since Day 1.  More to come!  

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  1. It makes me want to visit Toyko!! Love the food pictures!

  2. Hey Priscilla, I'm continuously inspired by your music, talent and overall coolness. I hope you will come to Malaysia again, I missed your previous show! xx

  3. Hello Priscilla☆ I really really want to thank you and your band members(^u^)/☆OKINI!

    It was such a wonderful live show and unforgetable night at billbord Osaka.
    This is my second time to see your live and
    I really enjoyed last year too☆
    The band members were different so that the atomospher was different.Each one of your members (drummer,bassist,guiterlist,pianist)played very softly, very beautifully,and harmonized with you.I really enjoyed that!

    I was so amazed by your singing and speaking Japanese very well!!Good Job Priscilla☆

    I am so happy that I got sign from you and I could talk with you after the show.
    I only bought your first album,but I will buy
    new one too(^^)/♪

    I am one of your big funs since I found your music video on youtube after the earthquake happend in Japan last year.Thanks for your heartful and warmful singing and your pray for Japan,all we are so thankful.

    I am looking forward to see you next time when you come to Japan☆
    Again,Thank you very much and thank each of your band members and staff around you.

    Enjoy rest of your staying in Japan☆

    Big hug Naocoo1