Monday, July 23, 2012

Back Home again...

Above:  My first meal when I arrived to Japan last week.

Below:  My first meal when I arrived to LA 2 days ago.

I guess not that much has changed.  :)

This last trip to Japan was so full of work that you would think I didn't have any fun.  But somehow, that's never the case when I work there.  Every moment is a new experience, and a chance to meet new people, and learn more of the language, and eat more of the food, and of course, in the 15 minutes I have off here and there, a chance to window shop and make the occasional special purchase.

Thank you to everyone who came to support my Billboard Live shows, the Tower Record In-Store, the Benz event at Mid-Town, everyone who listened in to the radio and watched me fumble on TV.  ;)  None of this would be possible without your support -- thank you for making so many dreams come true for me!



  1. Hi Priscilla! I just love your blog. I gave you a blog award so check it out! Keep posting awesome photos!

  2. Thank you for coming to Japan, Priscilla!
    We all had a good time with you!
    I was very happy and impressed to see you and your performance on live at first time. We could really feel your effort to singing many songs in Japanese, and tried to speak in Japanese as much as you can during the shows. Glad you love our language songs, and you sung so well.
    I wanted to listen more your original songs,like`A Good Day`. But save for the next time. Here is URL of the official Japanese web site. ←You can see some Priscilla's moments in Japan(some photo, but in Japanese. Hope this info will help for somebody).
    Love, Eri

  3. Loved all of your pics. My husband is 3/4 japanese and our children have always wanted to go to Japan. We went to Italy instead. I keep hearing from all of my friends how much I would love Japan, and would love to visit some day.