Monday, June 4, 2012

Natural Colors

So I finished producing an album of mostly Japanese cover songs (there are 2 originals translated into Japanese:  Dream and Song of Hope).  It was so much fun to make here in L.A. with my friends!!!  The album is being released in Japan at the end of this month. 

I was just in Tokyo back in March to do some promo and a photo shoot for the album.  Most of the songs were chosen for their positive and hopeful messages and feeling, so we wanted the photo shoot to have that same vibe.  Thanks to the talented and fun people below!!

From left to right:
Yoko Nakamura (set design), Rutsuko Hanamura (EMI A&R), Miyuki Kurosu (photographer), Masako Ide (hair & makeup), Yasutaka Monzen (photographer assistant), Die-co (stylist), Yoshiaki Okamura (stylist assistant)

And here is a video made by EMI Japan of a sampling of all the songs off the record:

I love it!  I've never had a video made like this before an album release in the U.S.  It's so fun!!

Anyway, I hope you all get to hear it somehow, and I hope even more that you enjoy some of the songs.

p. ahn


  1. this is awesome : ) I love your voice

  2. Sounds great P.!

    Hard to believe it's your first go at producing. It sounds as full, clear and smooth as any of your other releases (if not better).

    Deep respect, admiration and envy for the artist who extends her craft.

  3. I'm Sairi who love you and your songs for a long time!!
    I'm looking forward to get the new album in here..!
    Please come to Japan again :) I cannot wait that day!!
    Big hugs!! Saori<3

  4. congrats!!

    i like that Norwegian Wood is included
    it's one of my favorite songs

    nice sampling video too!
    your voice is superb, i got goosebumps while listening


  5. I like it how you always show us the people you work with! And from the little medley i can tell the new album will be very positiv and perfect for summer! :)
    Good luck!

  6. I want the album too, and I live in California lol. iTunes? :)

  7. Granted, I don't understand Japanese, but it SOUNDS legit! I'm so impressed, P!! Congratulations for finishing this album :) I'll have to find it one way or another so I can listen to it in its entirety!

  8. Beautiful songs!!!!
    Gonna have this album later ^_^

    ♥ P.Ahn !

  9. So awesome to see you do something so unique and out of the box. Let us know where we can DL it when its out. And ill formally request you play the Dream japanese cover next time your at the triple door :)

    Luis O.

  10. Although I cant understand the lyrics but the voice are soothing. I think I need to study nihongo to much enjoy those song.

  11. Sweet voice as always... no matter in which language...

  12. Hello, my name is Isaac, I'm 17, and I absolutely love your songs, and can't wait for your next album. Just wanted to say thanks for being fantastic!!

  13. OMG the songs are cool ! And your voice is so cute in japanese and french ^0^

  14. Is there any way we can buy this in the States? or online?
    I LOVE IT!

  15. Hi Priscilla Ahn, is it possible that I get permission to use your song "Dream" in my youtube videos? I do make-up tutorial but I don't speak so hopefully, you allow me to use some of your music in my video as a background song. Hope to hear your response.

    Kind regards

    Kreamiblush (Kristy)

  16. I see this album is now available in the Japan iTunes store (Released Jun 22, 2012) - will it be available in the Canadian (or US) iTunes store soon?

  17. ditto the above comment - I would really like to buy the Japanese album. Any idea of where I can get it?