Friday, May 25, 2012

LMNOP Closing

For those of you who might have been planning to attend the Pop-Up Shop I blogged about at LMNOP, unfortunately the pop-up has been canceled and LMNOP is closing it's doors in the next few months. :(


LMNOP is closing...

it's been a great adventure,

we've loved every bit of it and

every one of you.

& now...

we're having a big SALE!

40% OFF the entire store. woah!

& beyond that, we'll keep in touch,

we'll keep evolving,

& doing things
* (promise)...

mostly, we're happy to have met


we wish you all of the best. 



*we'll keep you posted on our blog: will probably carry on beyond the four walls of LMNOP & become something entirely unto itself...? who knows. life is like this...right? right.

come & see us!

we will be open until the end of JULY...

tuesday - friday 11am-4pm
saturdays 12pm - 4pm

have a great weekend!



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