Thursday, May 3, 2012


For anyone living in Newport Beach or anyone wanting to a take a little trip that way, I highly recommend checking this store out, and these artists.  To see a much larger flyer with more details, click here.

Yes, I am friends with one of them... the amazing Kathleen Whitaker who made me my beautiful triangle necklace that I never take off.  I've bought my favorite clutch and belt from Samantha Grisdale at a craft fair, and my sister-in-law swears by Beatrice Valenzuela's handmade shoes.

p. ahn


  1. What an amiable collective :)

    I'd go for a workshop and open air markets over a boardroom or cubicle any day.

  2. Hi ^^ I am Gigi, excuse me but I don't speak english very well... ==> I'm french.
    I love your blog, and your photos, they're so beautiful ! I love your songs too, and you are my favourite singer ever !!
    If you wanna go to my blog ==>, but you're not... obliged ? :D sorry, I would like to say "obligée" in french...
    So, I'll say goodbye (and goodnight) and go on with your blog, it's great !


  3. Hi, Priscilla! I'm Elen, girl from Russia =) I really like your work, and yourself! ^^ Thank you for your perfectly songs, continue to please us with new works! Do not share a secret, when can we expect a new album?
    So, goodbye Priscilla, now i'll be regulary read your blog :)
    P.S. sorry for my English if something_)

  4. Hi Priscilla! I adore your music and your blog. I was excited to see the offerings of the shop, but the flyer link doesn't work (anymore)? Just thought I'd let you know. Oh, and I really covet a pair of Beatrice Valenzuela's shoes; wish she made the combinados for adults.