Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Angelino Heights Craft Fair

I wish I'd known about this Craft Fair sooner to tell you about it before hand! This was a last minute invitation that I'm so glad I went to. I found it to be so inspiring and perfect timing for holiday shopping for loved ones and well.... for me too!

delicious lemonade and later a big pot of hot apple cider

hanging stained glass and a table of hooks

my first belt!
i also bought one of her clutches
you can see a portion of her work here.

my friend kathleen's handmade jewelry table

one of Kathleen's necklaces I bought for myself.
You can see more of her work here.

p. ahn


  1. wow looks like a day well spent - i love crafts and artsy products. btw, i was at your concert back at the ark in michigan this past october - LOVED YOUR PERFORMANCE from the moment it began to the last song! i like your distinct clothing style as well. really glad i got to see you perform live - i'm an asian songwriter as well and i hold your music in high esteem. - tiff pan

  2. Really cute & pretty stuff! Thank you for sharing. What camera do you use by the way? I love the vibrant and colourful shots.

    xx pam

  3. Un-related to your craft fair outing (love the texture effect applied to the pictures), thanks for performing at Slim's in San Francisco! My friends and I loved the performance. Here are my photos from the night: http://ianlee.smugmug.com/City-Nights/20111201-Priscilla-Ahn-Slims/20533601_NCg8sw#1626444761_ZKbv5Sj

  4. I love handmade, but i am not as crafty as i would like...
    It seems that you enjoyed yourself there!