Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My Holiday Wish List

This little guy is one of my favorites!
The first time I saw these little cuties was in Portland.
Check out the rest of the adorable gang Here.

Camilla Engman's blog was one of the first I started following a few years ago. Her creations are so peaceful and other-wordly to me. She recently started a new blog called Studio Morran where I purchased her new 2012 calendar. It's hanging on my wall above my desk right now, waiting to be opened on January 1st!

I just love this hooded jacket that was a gift from the lovely Mia Miri. So comfortable, and "Little Black Riding Hood" chic.

I really want a copy of Peter Bastiaanssen's "Art Is A Dog" book. Remember I discovered his work next to my hotel in Berlin? They had the book there, and I found it so inspiring! But they weren't selling it, and they had to find it online somewhere because it's out of print. Does anyone know where I can find one?

I love cardigans so much! Especially big, puffy, warm ones. I love the color and Tom Boy preppyness of this Wood Wood "Debbie" cardigan.

I finally received my very new and favorite clutch from Samantha Grisdale who I just met at the Craft Fair. Her pieces are so well made, and so so special.

I want an iPig!!! When I was on tour with Milow they had one of these. It's so CUTE! You tap on one ear to turn the volume up, and the other ear to turn the volume down. It's like you're petting it! And if you want to pause the song, you poke it in the eye, which I'm less comfortable with, but still love. It's so easy to travel with. Just plug in your iPod or laptop and voilà -- instant dance party!

This Frasier Fir candle by Thymes is my favorite candle for the Holidays. It smells just like a woody and slightly sweet Christmas Tree. I haven't met anyone who didn't like the way it smelled, which is why I'm putting it on my Holiday Shopping list as a great "stocking stuffer" gift idea.

I heart my iPad. And since I travel a lot, this iPad Booqbag would be perfect for me. I love all the pockets and the pen slot. It's like back-to-school shopping again (which I always sort of miss when September comes around).

I really want a kitty too. However, I don't recommend buying someone one of these unless you know that person really well. :)

And for those of you still searching for the perfect gift for that special someone... Design Sponge has some great suggestions. Everything from "DIY Gift Ideas" to "Gifts under $50".

Happy Shopping!

p. ahn


  1. I want a priscilla ahn concert somewhere a little closer then 300 miles from my home and this time actually being on time for it instead of just missing it because of traffic!:(

  2. I love these! My wish list just got bigger. ;)

  3. I can send you à copy, if I would have an address


    Peter Bastiaanssen

  4. Nice stuff. I especially like the iPig. I also noticed the picture was.of a Grey Tabby. They are THE best cats. I had a few. My favorite was Tigger the Puerto Rican attack cat! Best cat ever!

  5. Subtle potential-Christmas-gifts-heads up for the hubby? :P

    as for the Peter Bastiaanssen book, furthest I got was a website in Dutch - http://www.artisadog.nl/

    It really is obscure D: no ebay/amazon listings anywhere!

    And, happy holidays! :)

  6. I love cardigans and candles, and I do have a kitty! Her name is Mattie. My cousin has her sister, Zhiva, and my aunt and uncle have their brother, Gator. The girls are white with gray faces and Gator is gray with a white face. You should definitely ask for one for Christmas. :)

  7. :-} I love the little piggy too.

    Just found your blog.
    Do come say hi!!

    HUGS Lorraine

  8. Hello Priscilla,
    I wish to send a little gift to thank you for your live webcast some months ago :) It was such a lovely performance and I hope you choose to do more.
    So expect a parcel care of Blue Note Records within the coming weeks :D

  9. The cardigan is such a lovely color, looks so soft too! I love that clutch, looks great in person too :)

    <3 Kate

  10. Careful: you might get bombarded with presents!

  11. All of this is lovely! I hope you have a splendid Christmas with your hubby and family, Priscilla! Keep up the good work too! Your music is beautiful!

  12. Oh, yes, the hooded jacket seems so cozy! Happy Holidays!

  13. I love Camilla's work too, and I can assure you, she is as wonderful in person as she seems online... so funny, so talented and lovely :) She's the best!

    That kitten is adorable! We got a puppy last Christmas and he was the best thing we ever bought... he's much bigger now, but every bit as cute :D

    Love your music, btw... was listening to your album just the other day. Heaven! x