Tuesday, November 22, 2011

French Lemon & Pumpkin Soup Recipe

For those who've asked for the recipe of one of my favorite new soups...

This will probably be the only recipe I post from this particular cookbook since doing this is probably illegal in some way. But I will say this with 100% certainty: If you like soups, buy this book! You will not regret it. I've made about 10 different soups from this book, and each one has not failed in taste. And these are soups that have ranged from French to Japanese to African to Polish...

here is one place you can get it.

One of my own personal tips... If you can make your own Vegetable Stock, well... you're a badass. But if you're lazy and unprepared like me, here's the Vegetable Bouillion I recommend.
I get mine from Whole Foods. They also have chicken, turkey, clam, mushroom, and beef bases, just to name a few. The awesome thing about this brand is that a lot of them are vegetarian. But just be sure you get the right one. For this recipe, you'd want the one that reads "Organic Vegetable Base".

Happy Cooking!

p. ahn

p.s. If you have some pumpkin leftover... I made my OWN recipe that is super easy that can use it up! I'll post it ASAP. xx


  1. is there a way that you can type out the recipe. it's sorta hard to decipher it, since it's a photo! sorry! happy bird-day! :)

  2. omg the soup recipes looks good


  3. Hey!

    So, this may sound weird, but my friend recently told me that she had a "good feeling" about me sending my music to you, and I just couldn't ignore that sentiment.

    I'm not sure what I'm hoping will come out of this, but I would be so happy if you enjoyed any of this EP!!

    I would especially suggest that you look at the last song, Surgery! I recorded it alone in my room, and it definitely reminds me of you and your music.

    Thank you so much for always being an inspiration!
    Regina Zaremba

    PS. This soup looks delicious!

  4. looks delicious!!

    random question (and not even sure if you read or respond to user comments), but i heard one of your recordings/performances that someone posted online titled 'thank god'...part of the lyrics are "and i thank god most of all that i'm not like you"...

    out of curiosity, was that track ever released on an album or is it for sale?

  5. What a sweet blog! I've adored your music for a while now - how fun to see this very domestic side! Lovely!!!

  6. I response to Gene L's question, yes I have recorded this song. Sadly it has not been released on anything. It's actually still one I enjoy very much! But on the up-side, it means it's still available for me to release in the future for something special!