Thursday, November 17, 2011

Germaphobic Habit #1

Ok, so from being on the road a lot, I've developed quite a list of eccentric habits to help keep me and my clothes clean. When you're on the road for weeks at a time, and don't feel like doing laundry every other day, you want to try to keep stuff smelling as "fresh" as possible. I thought I'd share a few of my whacky antics with you.

These are all things that I really do.

p. ahn

p.s. This is the first one... my watercolors came out a little on the "light" side. Hopefully these will get better and better over time. Or not. I don't really care. These are just for fun!

To View Picture: I clicked directly on the picture and it appeared by itself with a transparent black background, but I still wasn't able to zoom in. If you click just to the side of the picture (you should still see a pointy hand) then it puts the picture on a separate page, giving you a "zoom" option. You should be able to read the writing then. (sorry I'm not more computer savvy)


  1. hi! i do the same thing too! (anyway i love your Dream SO MUCH. listened to a couple of other songs too) :) cheers from singapore!

  2. You are so talented (: That was adorable!

  3. cute! nice watercolor.

    another way to view it- right-click on the picture and say "open link in new window" (or tab)

  4. your self portrait. Always remove the towel...(priceless)

  5. Great illustrations Priscilla! #dig deeper..... Castaway11

  6. haha awww...this is adorable Priscilla. Yes's always important to care about how the cleaning lady thinks of you as well X)

  7. Yes…
    but can you trust the hotel towel?

    You look very cute in your jammies btw :)

  8. You are so amazingly adorable!