Wednesday, January 6, 2010

these are a few of my favorite things...

A small, handmade, hanging planter for wildflower discoveries. Handmade by the shopkeeper's sister at Jizo, my new favorite shop in Kyoto.
My new adorable corkboard! Seriously, this corkboard is probably only 5"x6". Kawaii! Another Jizo creation.
The tiniest vases I've ever seen. Just having these inspires me to go on walks and pick new tiny flowers off of other people's property. Once again, Jizo.
My new ridiculously small soy sauce holder. Hard to tell, but it's tiny!
More Jizo hanging vases. These make me want to install a kiln and take up pottery.
Some Japanese condiment holders. I'll put some yuzu kosho and togarashi in these bad boys.
The three on top were handmade. The 2 white saucers held sake from the gods, which we drank happily on our visit to a shrine for the New Year.


  1. I love these, especially the first one-- makes me want to do pottery again.

  2. Pretty stuff!!
    Priscilla, I was wondering which artists inspired you to start making music?
    Your Marleen

  3. I love this little things :D it is so nice !!!

  4. beautiful things! I want to visit Japan so bad! Hopefully after I've finished university

  5. these are adorable! i love the small hanging plant holder:)

  6. I want that soy sauce holder! It's short AND stout, and I'm a chronic soy spiller. Thanks for having a good eye, and sharing.

  7. this is so cool! :-)