Friday, January 22, 2010

rain rain rain

it's been a week of rain--i'm not complaining. I love it....excuses to stay inside all day. The best is when the sun comes out and all the rain droplets look like a fine mist of gold and happiness. The most jaw-dropping was the hail last night. Perfect tiny balls of ice. The worst is getting in to my car under the leaky car port, where tiny waterfalls of rain water pour on to me just as I'm jumping in.

This past weekend was filled with music, parties, food, and Tekkan. We had some friends in town, and after a night out, or a day's worth of activities, we always ended the night with atleast 75 battles of Tekkan on the PS2. I was in my element as Christie Monteiro.

Although I just found this quote when searching for this picture:

"A common criticism [of Christie's character] is that it rewards button mashing players too richly. Regardless, most expert-level players do not regard the characters as cheap."

That's totally what I am!!! I'm a button masher, and so I was really kicking ass with her!

Anyway, on to other dorkinesses....since our friends left and took their PS2 with them (thank god!) I've been canceling all my plans and sitting in the house all day GOING CRAZY!

All this rain is starting to make me sleepy. I can barely keep my eyeballs open. I hear the rain is stopping tomorrow for a little. I'll save saturday for work, and take today off. :)

p. ahn

p.s. I love that people reference my "Rain" song in weather like this. It's such an honor!

pps. I accidentally erased 2 or 3 comments the other day again! I hate that, and I don't know where to find them to save them! But I did read them....and thank you!


  1. feng there is rocking a pretty sartorially sound get-up of some silk curtains draped around his legs, complete with leg cuffs!

    and i totally agree - the mist after a rain is like no other.

  2. Oh, Rain. I just love that song. It's pure beauty. /Regards from Sweden!

  3. If only you knew how many hours I spent listenting to Rain, watching the drops falling from the sky! :D
    This song is so soothing yet melanchonic - one of my favorites.

  4. ...aaand she plays video games. Yeah, everytime it rains my subconscious busts out with a little "rain, rain, do-on't go away...", but I'll take Super Puzzle Fighter II over Tekken anyday...

  5. Your song always gets stuck in my head when it's raining (and even when it isn't!)~ Rain makes me sleepy, too; I just want to curl up with some hot chocolate and take a nap. I never understood why so many people hate rainy days. There's just something so comforting about them~

  6. are simply awesome.

  7. Hi there priscilla..
    It's rainy season here in Jakarta, lovely cause i love rain too..and that's why i love your song 'Rain'.It's such a nice song..
    Listening 'Rain' song with a cup of tea while rain is pourin' down outside..ahhh,what a nice moment :)

  8. haha! tekkan tag all the way. i dominated with my 'mashing' skills. i don't care what they say it totally counts!

  9. haha... we are also addicted to Tekken in my apartment! But we get too tense with all those movements, and we've decided to stop playing for a while cause afterwards we are all hyper and can't sleep.
    It's great to discover your blog, and it's such a shame that you don't come by Spain to sing for a while :)

  10. I love that you love rain, and I love your song about it. Every other song out there about rain makes it sound bad, but I love the rain, and every time it rains I hum your song.