Monday, January 11, 2010

Rachel Comey

I want this jumper.
And her scarf and shoes....

and these jumpers too, why not?
Not Rachel Comey, but I love the colors of this...


  1. hey priscilla..i just discovered your music yesterday...and i've fallen in love with it! keep up the good work!! and yea, i like your blog as well!

  2. love the blog and your music!

  3. Can I buy one of these for you? The only predicate is that you have to come to NYC again to perform a concert because I only found out about you month or two ago!

  4. Hi Sam! I might be in NYC playing a show in early March, somewhere in the lower east side! I will post it as soon as I know. :)

    And if you showed up with an amazing jumper for me, I think I'd die. Seriously... just bring your lovely self--and I hope I get to meet you!

  5. Wow! Awesome! I hope it's not one of the days I'm scheduled to travel... I do hope to see you then! (Hopefully with one of those jumpers...) =)

  6. Absolutely love the first jumper too.
    Maybe you can get this for now?
    Looks quite like it!