Monday, November 3, 2014

J-POP Cover!

While on the road a few weeks ago, I started wandering down the YouTube rabbit hole, when somehow I stumbled upon this mesmerizing dance rehearsal video of the J-POP band フェアリーズ (Faeries) dancing to their song "Bling Bling My Love".  I thought the girls were so cute, and their dance moves were so fun.  I surprised myself, since I'm not particularly a fan of K-POP or J-POP.  But I kept humming this song in my head... so I decided -- just for fun -- to cover it and post it.

I know some people are going to hate this, or rank on my pronunciation... I totally get it.  But I really had fun learning it and giving it a try!

Here is the original video I fell in love with:

And here is my cover :

There are so many good and creative cover songs out there (waaaay way better than mine).... what are some of your faves?

Here's one (of so many) I love: Seu Jorge sings Bowie  and one I did a few years ago:  Love

p. a.


  1. Rain on the island last night , wake up to this. Hope it sets the days tone. Very cute P. 9/10. Expect to see some help with the dancing for the next vid :). Well done with the language.
    Having a deep to high mid range I have an attraction for the opposite , like you I figure with Seu George, which for me falls with the girls. I rate TV Carpio's version of I wanna hold your hand , high. Taylor Swifts Everything has changed by Hannah Mulholland and follow Ana Free and Mia Rose from Portugal for often very good covers. Mistakes are fine with emotion and effort with covers. Grown up with guitars and voices around driftwood or outback fires. Raw soul is often art.
    Bette Midlers version of Waterfalls by TLC is a current big fav. Jimmy Buffets version of California Promises immortal for me. Too many. Currently putting Lightfoots- If you could read my Mind to my pace and expression.
    Your inspiration list is a new world for me, as was hearing your pitch, pace and view for the first time. I can't take to all your inspiration list , am too restless but there is intrigue.
    I want to see hubby , Amos, Wendy, call the neighbours over, get those dance steps right :)
    Thx P, you help me find centre.

  2. I have no idea what you are saying but you make it sound beautiful as usual!

    Also, loving your hair here! :)