Sunday, March 30, 2014


For my birthday a few weeks ago, a friend from Japan sent me a beautiful furoshiki made by LINK Collective.  

photo by the LINK Collective

Furoshiki is a type of traditional Japanese wrapping cloth that you can tie into a purse, or as a re-usable wrapping cloth for gifts, or flowers, or just for toting around almost anything really.  Check out this neat video for ideas on how to use one.... I've wrapped bottles of wine in these when going to a dinner party, and always received compliments on the 'cleverness' of it.  Then after the party, I use the furoshiki as a scarf for my journey back home.  

photo by The LINK Collective

You can also tie it onto a strap, to make it into a longer-hanging purse.  Love this look! 

photo by Et pourquoi pas Coline ?

My friend Hiki, of Jollygoo, actually shared all this knowledge with me, that I'm now sharing with you!  She has a small shoppe in Japan that carries a beautiful assortment of these wrapping cloths as well as straps.  You can scroll through and see them all here.  

Happy wrapping!  

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  1. Cool! Beaut designs! That video!!!
    Wrapping is one of my not strong points. But i do wear a sarong instead of pyjamas… like a pro. So this advice leaves me a keener gifter! Thanks!
    Christmas pud will be smartly dressed this year. And spilling soup on the bus is now a thing of the past :D
    (Almost said Lear Jet then, in place of bus, but i'm conscious of the larger carbon footprint).
    Do Furoshiki come in foot prints?

  2. Thank you! I live near Tokyo and can't wait to visit the shop.