Thursday, March 6, 2014

Blog Makeover!

My blog (and website) has a new look!  What do you think?

All thanks to the one and only Hiki, from Jollygoo.  She is an amazing graphic designer and photographer.   As well as just a beautiful person inside and out.  If you haven't checked out her online store -- or better yet -- her physical shoppe in Tokyo, it's definitely worth looking into!  It's my #1 stop whenever I'm there.

The designs she used were all made by the equally talented and amazing Savita, who did my album artwork, design and layout, for This Is Where We Are.  The Digital Booklet she made for the album (which you can download for free here) is one of my favorite things ever.  She's like my sister from another Mister.  Does that even make sense?  Do people say that?  Or did I just make that up, right here right NOW?!

Anyway, there you have it.  Awesome new designs all around by 2 lovely women in my life.  I couldn't feel luckier.  :)

p. a.


  1. Cool new look. You going to do another Stageit show anytime soon?

  2. The digital booklet is lovely! But the download link is unavailable......

  3. Just a random hello from a fan — everything looks lovely. Congrats on your new album!! Diana is such a sexy, slow-burning song. Hope to hear your crystalline voice live someday~

  4. Love your new album, and the new look to your website Priscilla! Also, SO EXCITED you're touring this year! Definitely going to your Ann Arbor concert :D Can't wait!