Tuesday, February 11, 2014

You & Me

polaroid by Chloe Aftel

My new album release is only 2 weeks away and counting!!!  And yes, to clear up some confusion, it's already been released in a few countries in Asia.  But I'm so excited for it to be released here in the U.S., and with the beautiful artwork and photography done by very dear friends.

If you've already pre-ordered from iTunes, "You & Me" has just been unlocked!  I hope you like it!  Most of the tracks that have been unlocked are the most up-tempo songs on the album.  The rest of them are very dreamy, ambient, acoustic, etc...

If you haven't pre-ordered yet, you can do so HERE.  Please tell your friends!!!

p. a.


  1. Hi Priscilla! I can't wait for your new album.

    I've just started voice lessons and I was hoping I could ask you about your vocal training. How did you start singing? Did you have voice lessons? Was there a vocal style that you focused on? What helped you the most in improving your voice? Thanks ahead of time!

    1. I took 4 years of private voice lessons from a wonderful teacher in high school, and still go back from time to time to clean the cobwebs. I focused on choral singing back then... so a range of styles from classical to modern. Learning how to use my breath was probably the biggest help. Training my ear was also fun!

      Have fun with your voice lessons!!! :) That's the most important part!

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