Monday, January 27, 2014

Less than a month away...

My new album, This Is Where We Are,  will be released in less than a month now!  February 25th to be exact.

Big thanks to Filter Magazine for the very kind review!

p. a.


  1. … fans across the globe step into cryogenic chambers. Set dials to 4 weeks. Close lids and smile ¦¬)

  2. Ordered mine from Amazon Japan. ;o) Bonus tracks and I was getting some other cd's that were not available from the Canadian or US site. Yea DHL! Fast delivery!

  3. just saw your fb post about your song RHIBYH. knowing how personal your music is to you, i could tell by the lyrics that it was based upon a very difficult moment in your life. thanks for having the courage to share it with us. i think we are all haunted by these demons in our past. but i try to remind myself that oftentimes the people who were involved in the embarrassing or hurtful incident don't even remember it, or at least they don't dwell on it nearly as much as we do. and if this individual does recall it, perhaps he will listen to the song and find some solace, forgiveness, closure, inner peace… some kind of positive feeling anyway! by the way, loved the funky electronic single version "broke heart", and this acoustic version was a pleasant surprise on the new album. enjoying it so far as itunes trickles out the pre-order! planning any concerts in hawaii?? :)