Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Summer Tones with Lullatone

I just recently downloaded Lullatone's latest EP Summer Songs.  It's super fun and perfect for riding around on your bike with a popsicle on a sun shiny summery day.  My favorite song is "Splitting A Banana Split".

You can listen to the whole EP Here.

Check them out more Here.

Watch their new music video right here!!!

p. a.


  1. Yay! No more bogeymen on midnight milk runs! :D

  2. I thought they had a French accent but it's Japanese?

  3. It's art, but I couldn't get into it. Only listened to the one song so far. I am a tense person. I can't go that low into mellow. I get a nervous false sense of security and my bells go off. You are just right.
    P do you get depressed at times or tense, just wondering where your motor runs. I need nature . Peace. Introvert maybe, wallflower.

    1. I totally get depressed and stressed at times. It can be overwhelming! I try to write in my journal, go on a walk, or meditate, do yoga. The journal is good for me to get my thoughts out and down. All the other activities help me breathe and slow down.

  4. Priscilla. This is a nice recommendation. Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend Fuji Rock Festival. But I am going to a place which inspired me to be more creative. It's the perfect place to listen to your song. I certainly do hope I will get to see you someday:) I hope you have a great time and perhaps take lots of pictures/videos and share your experience. -Mai

  5. justdon'tforgettogivehalfofit to me tooooo