Monday, October 15, 2012

Analog Places

Today I am embarking to the desert to write songs for the next 3 days.  I'll be cutting myself off from phone and internet, which I'm pretty excited about actually.  But I thought I'd leave you with a few analog photos that I've taken with my Minolta camera.  These photos go back to 2 years ago, but I just recently re-discovered them.  



Ko Samui

Los Angeles

p. ahn


  1. Those photos are absolutely beautiful!!
    I am a very, very big fan of film! I have a Canon AE-1 that I use.
    Those pictures are just inspiring!
    Just so amazing, all of it!

  2. i am a fan ms priscilla ahn! and this is all the way from the philippines! <3

  3. what kind of flowers are in the third to last photo? I've never seen such vibrant colors in LA hah =P pretty pics!