Sunday, October 9, 2011

Iowa City, Evanston, St. Louis

So I thought I'd update you a little more frequently on this trip. Right now I am typing this from somewhere between St. Louis and Kansas City -- which could be anywhere! I'll try to keep my typing brief, as Wendy is fast asleep in the next room.

Gabe's, Iowa City
I did a little IU radio interview before the show which was really fun. The campus here is soooo beautiful! The next morning we woke up to a lovely Saturday market outside our hotel.

Young people getting grilled cheese at the Market.

My posse: Chris (Tour Manager/Sound), Wendy (bass, guitar, vocals), & Gary (keys)
I hope they don't mind me posting this pic of them!

A street piano!
I love how the yellow leaves naturally encircle it. Pianos can be magical like that.

Space, Evanston
This is probably one of my top favorite places to play in the U.S.! If you live in Chicago and like my kind of music and better, and haven't been there yet, you must check it out. My favorite thing about this space (besides the people and the sound and my show) is the decor! Unfortunately I didn't get too many good pictures of that though. Special note: Kelsey Wild opened this show for me, and I was so drawn in by her music. I am now a huge fan! You must check her out.

Just a corner of our green room area. All 50's era retro furniture. Recording studio in the next room. Really homey wainscoting.

Me downing some after show "Crispin".
I look wasted but I'm not. I'm just tired.
And that bottle was hilariously huge.
Someone described the taste of this beverage as, "It tastes like champagne, but watered down".

And then lo and behold we are back in Hammond, Indiana! Same place, but at the hotel next door. So now I got this view of the signs (see previous blog).

Same pond, new sign.

Old Rock House, St. Louis
Between soundcheck and the show, we had time to take a little stroll around our area. It was a beautiful night, with an almost full moon.

I heart graffiti.

I also heart when you can see old writing on brick buildings from long ago.

Cardinals played the Brewers tonight. Beautiful baseball stadium.

Naturally we had to walk towards the Arch. That little ball of light is the moon.

The Arch was surprisingly stunning up close!

Walking beneath it's enormosity, I felt like Atreyu from "The Never-Ending Story" when he approaches the Oracle.

Looking up.

A different angle.

And last but not least, Willie, the cutest little puppy who hung out backstage with us. He was definitely a kindred spirit.

Look at how crazy happy I am!

Ok... no pictures of the Arch -- I promise!

Lots of love,
p. ahn


  1. I love all the images but especially the Bauhaus street piano. De Stijl with black and white keys is cool :)

    The arch does look beautiful! I had no idea it was skinned. I heart parabolas :)

    I'll have to watch 'The Never Ending Story' again as it made little to no sense when I saw it as a child.

  2. ATREYU! Oh my goodness, I can't believe you've seen TNES!!! That was my favourite coming-of-age film when I was coming of age! Though it always got me that the 'nothing' was actually SOMETHING and that the absence of something itself is something, so the idea is altogether paradoxical. At the time, of course, it was more like "nothing... equals... something??" Ahh, nothing beats it.

  3. My family loved the "get to the winch, Witch!" line. Never failed to amuse.