Monday, October 31, 2011

Art Is A Dog

My first day in Berlin...I stumbled into an art gallery next to my hotel, called DAD. Inside was an exhibit for Peter Bastiaanssen's work. It was love at first sight. The flutes of champagne they were handing out at the door may or may not have helped. ;)

his paintings are so cozy

i love his woodworking as well

what a genius idea!

This gallery was such a cool space! I found the whole evening inspiring. The very nice girl at the door handing out champagne encouraged me to speak to the curator of the event. And then I discovered that the artist was actually there to do a Q&A! So, with the help of my champagne, I roused up the courage to introduce myself to him too! And then, being the dork that I am, I sat in on the whole Q&A which was entirely in Dutch. I have no idea why, but I just wanted to be a part of it.

After that, I ventured off into the night, where I came across a beautiful street singer. But I'll save that for the next post...

p. ahn


  1. That log!!!! Haha! So cool and those purple chairs too. We sometimes attend Amish wedding dinners in which there is german singing is very pretty but we don't understand a word.
    btw...I'm hooked on the She's a Black Cat song...
    huge fan of Y.O.U. (who I met on a Starbucks download freebie LOL)ain't life funny?

  2. Welcome to Germany, Priscilla.
    Enjoy your stay - thanks for sharing your impressions.
    Will you be in other areas of the country, too?

  3. Hi Priscilla

    Thank you for the complements
    We met and talked for just a few seconds, and than
    I had to do the Q&A in Dutch...
    I apologize for that ;-)
    Afterwards you were gone already
    always a joy to speak to people that like my work


    Peter Bastiaanssen

  4. So colorful - even whimsical! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Looks like a very lovely place to be, with happy art.

  6. Hi Priscilla,

    I try this a second time,
    (can`t see my first writings here)
    I am surprised in a nice way to see my work here on your block.
    I again apologize for the Dutch Q&A you got tangled into.
    Sorry we didn`t speak afterwards.
    But I can understand that you fled, after all that Dutch-speaking ;-)
    I love your songs
    (sorry I didn`t recognize you, than and there)
    Hope you have a succesfull tour in Europe.
    I am again back in Holland, working in my studio.


    Peter Bastiaanssen

  7. Peter's work is eye catching indeed. I love how the bird escapees have chosen a place at the table in the painting.

    I'd place art galleries amongst temples, concert halls and rain-forests as places for spiritual sustenance. There are many others too. Closer to home would be an Ahn album in my living room.

    What a gorgeous global citizen you are Priscilla :)