Sunday, July 10, 2011

No Distractions

I've been blogging a lot less recently. I think I've subconsciously been avoiding my computer. I'm gearing up for a week long writing excursion where I'll be phone-less and email-less. Trying to cut out as many distractions as I can. This is a new experiment for me.. we'll see how it goes.

So alas, as I'll be m.i.a. for another week, I'd like to leave you with these 2 things:

The Creative Process by Paulo Coehlo (which I discovered in Vol. III of Bullett Magazine)


Have a great week doing all the things you like to do...

p. ahn


  1. I love painting and my recent love is writing about the paintings that I've done or thinking of doing. I know what you mean about writing, its like chocolate with a bittersweet taste.

  2. In this age of computers cell phones, I think we all need to unplug ourselves every now and then - an electronic detox. : ) Enjoy your week of submerging yourself in your passion.

  3. Your artistry is most authentic given the reverence and passion you show. I hope you have a refreshing sabbatical.

  4. Nice article, thanks for the information.

  5. Hi Priscilla! I didn't know u read Paulo Coelho too (love love him too, one of my all-time fav authors)! R u already writing new songs? Can't wait to see u in Singapore, have a front row ticket. Btw, this music blog which I'm writing for, loved to have set up an interview with u, but apparently, ur label says u won't be doing much interviews here :( would have loved to talk more to u abt ur creative process, inspirations & such. U r such a big inspiration in my life, really admire ur voice & talent ^^ xoxo

  6. I really like that song. It's pretty much how I feel in my life right now. Not that I have a "you" as she refers to the person whom she's sharing the house with to actually share my own house with, but it's at least what I wish I could have right now.

  7. omg this song on grey's anatomy along with dream great songs by the way