Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day 3 in Korea

I'm writing to you from my family's house in Korea. My first 2 days here have been a whirlwind of fun so far!

As soon as we landed, I was rushed to MBC Studios to do a live radio interview with legendary DJ Bae Chul-Soo. He's just as friendly he looks. And his questions were great! (I didn't get any pictures with him because my camera was still in my suitcase.)

The very next morning I did another live radio interview with another legendary DJ, Kim Chang-Wan at SBS Studios. He was so funny. He's in his bicycling clothes because he rides to and from work every day!

This is the "lobby" of the SBS building.

Me and Kim Chang-Wan

We had a little lunch at a Korean-fusion restaurant. Look at how perfect this salad is!

Then I did a photo shoot for Korean Esquire Magazine, which is coming out this September.

Here we are choosing outfits for the shoot.

Here I am in the makeup chair. This is the "before" picture.

And here is the "After". :)

Then I did an interview for F.OUND Magazine, who I'm now in love with! I have to learn Korean just so I can read these magazines! I'll be in their 1 year anniversary edition in September.

Now I'm with my family where we're about to make some Mandu (yummy Korean dumplings). I better get out there and help them! My husband is smashing garlic as I type this.

p. ahn


  1. I really like reading you're enjoing your time in Korea :)
    I miss this beautiful country.

    Take care.


  2. sounds like an amazing adventure so far!

    i'm in korea right now and wondering if you're doing a show while you're here. i'd love to catch you!


  3. Thanks for the update on your trip to Korea :D
    I hope you enjoy your stay despite all that rain - I heard its pouring! Stay safe!

  4. Congratulations! Lovely Korea and lovely you!

  5. Hey, Priscilla
    the link you put as Esquire Magazine isn't the link of the "magazine". We have a clothing brand called "esquire" and i think you got it from internet seach for it appears at the top.
    Here' the magazine link: http://www.ikissyou.com/IKY_InMagazine/InMagazineEs.asp


  6. great to see you back in seoul again - can't wait to see you this weekend (the THIRD TIME in Korea - YIPEEE!!!) at jisan! hope you and your family are all safe what with the flooding and all...

  7. What an exciting adventure!

    Koreans are so proud of you.

  8. It all sounds awesome. Looks beautiful. When I was a boy, a Korean family moved in a few homes down the street and they had the tastiest food I've ever eaten in my life to this day!!! My favorite thing was the dumplings!

    Come to upstate NY will ya? Yer hubby won't even have to smash garlic. We'll feed him Italian style. (which is simply feed until your belly can't take any more)

  9. That salad looks amazing. What a great journey so far. :)

  10. I just got back from teaching in Korea.
    If you're playing shows out there I will hate you forever for not playing them while I was out there! Haha, I only joke. I was dying for music other than Korean pop and club music.

    I miss Korea! I hope you have a great time!

    What's your favorite Korean dish?

    I hope all is well!

  11. Oh I know Kim Chang-Wan ... from segments of his TV Show in Youtube.
    I don't understand a single word in Korean but I love Korean music, especially from the 'Pastel Music' Label...
    Will You appear on Korean TV too?

  12. Thanks for sharing your experience in Korea. You looked like you're having a ball. Hope the Mandu turned out great. I wonder if we can get the Korean Esquire Magazine here in US.

  13. you look so pretty in the picture taken with KIM CHANG WAN! u should know that KIM CHANG WAN is also legendary singer u gotta listen his songs! so greaaat! i just so mad that cannot go to jisan valley rock concert to see you singin pff cuz i live in mexico T.T you should come to my country too! i'm so glad that u're havin fun in korea, xoxo

  14. Isn't it raining way too much in Korea? I can't go outside!! anyway Welcome to Korea!

  15. 지산에서 공연 정말 멋있었어요!
    다음에 또 한국 오세요ㅎㅎ

  16. this is awesome! I'm jealous you're in Korea; I'm Korean and was adopted as a tot and have been back once. If you try learning Korean, blog about it; I've thought about trying to learn in my "old age." ;)