Thursday, June 16, 2011

Toms' New One For One

I went to a charity dinner the other night in my neighborhood and learned about Toms new One For One mission that focuses on sight.

As many of you know (unless you're like my husband and have been living under a rock for the past 6 years), Toms began as a company that designed and sold shoes. And for every pair of shoes bought, another pair was given to a child in need. How beautiful is that?

Now they're doing the same thing, except for eyes. For every pair of Toms sunglasses purchased, they will either provide medical treatment, prescription glasses, or sight-saving surgery for people in need around the world. See chart below.

It's as simple as that!

So I know now that Summer is here, many of you have a lot of options when it comes to buying a new pair of shades... All I'm saying is, here is a very cool designer doing very cool things.

p. ahn


  1. Thanks for sharing, I love Toms!


  2. thank you for sharing this! i'm an optometrist and i will be sharing this will all my other eye doctor friends+fam to spread the word :)

    btw, i look forward to seeing you at acoustic 5 tomorrow!!

  3. Very very cool! You're awesome Priscilla Ahn !

  4. Hi! My mom heard your music coming from my room and now we listen to you together! :)

  5. this is great! I knew they did the shoe thing, but not with glasses! :) that's absolutely wonderful because sight accounts for so much of our life!

  6. Such a beautiful mission! And nice sunglasses!

  7. Cool stuff! Thanks for sharing.

  8. this is awesome!

    Dearest Priscilla,
    I hope you read my tweets. I unprotected my tweets just so you can read 'em. Anyhow, when is your show in Malaysia? I'm from Malaysia but I'm studying in Alexandria, Egypt. Just wanna let you know that I'm definitely coming back for your show! I love your music and you definitely rock. I hope to get in touch with you!

    Much Love,
    kira (@kiminusplusra on twitter)

    (HAHAH i cant believe im actually doing this, but yes, i just needed to reach out to you. to let you know how much i appreciate your music. i feel so lame right now. LOL. ok byeee!! have a good day!)

  9. been wanting to grab my own TOMS... =)

    and the reason why im dropping a comment here now because just found out you're coming to Singapore in August and im gonna really faint now with so much joy! totallyyyy freakin out where and when to buy the limited seats!!!!

  10. I love LOVE LOVE Toms and a couple of years ago I did my internship in Ghana with Unite for Sight, a program that provides cataract and various other eye surgeries, medications and glasses to people who would never get to see an optometrist. It was one of the greatest experiences I've ever had and am so glad that another organization is taking notice of how much of an issue this is in the developing world where the sun's rays and nutrient-deprived diets cause so many to lose their sight. You're awesome Priscilla, not only for your music but for supporting causes like this!