Friday, January 14, 2011


I was recently bestowed with some very cute calendars and a "dogs wearing hats"-themed paper pennant garland, from my new friend, Julia Kuo, who is a co-founder of a great new company, The Nimbus Factory. Their designs are so adorable and creative, and they're earth-friendly!

Check out my new 12 month mini-calendar pack!

You can also find other cute "nimbus" items on their website, such as recipe cards and holiday wrapping paper. They have a beautiful blog as well.

Julia has also just designed my Advance CD artwork! It's the CD that goes out to people who get to hear it before it's released. I'm not exactly sure who those people are, but alas, only they will get this very unique pre-release album cover. When it's finished, I will post so you all can see! I'm very excited about it!

p. ahn


  1. That calender is so cute! I'm considering buying it for myself ^^ Can't wait to see your new CD artwork!

  2. I bet their aesthetic sensibilities will match the tone of your album really well.

    Anyway, keep up the good work!

  3. Do they also make broom sticks? :P (nerdy harry potter joke)

  4. any way some of your ordinary, cool-cat fans can order your pre-release CD?

  5. Those are simply adorable!! I'm jealous.