Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Journal #2: Last night I took my first pottery class...

Last night I took my first pottery class. I'd never done pottery ever before, except for this last trip to Japan. Mike and I made cups on a potter's wheel at a pottery shop for fun. So it inspired me to jump into taking these classes for a month at a nearby studio.

The studio deal is awesome. I have access to it whenever I want, 24/7... which I think I'll prefer to the classes in the end, because the teacher, by the end of our class, reduced me to feeling like a helpless little kid. I don't think she intentionally meant to. But somehow she did. She got mad that I didn't get all the water out of the bottom of my cup. Really? Does that invoke anger and frustration? I wasn't being ignorant. I really did try to get the water out, but the sponge I was given was a piece of crap. It was like trying to clean up a spill with a soggy diaper. I realized that basically, she was excited to get this class over and done with, so that she could go on to making her own pottery. She wasn't even really a 'teacher' per say. She taught classes in exchange for free studio space. So at 9pm, when the class was supposed to end, she was done. Leaving me and the other first timer to fend for ourselves. It's not really the way I believe in doing things... but, I guess that's the way things are done there.

For instance, our 'teacher' introduced us to the owner of the studio. An older woman who was about to apply paint colors to her piece. When she was introduced there was no warm, friendly, "Hi! Welcome!" We were barely acknowledged... including our teacher. It felt so awkward, so I blurted out, "I love your piece!", and the other beginner followed suit, "Yea, that's really amazing,".... and we got absolutely nothing in return. She kept staring at her 'piece', which was some kind of cookie jar that looked like a bird's house... like if a bird lived in a human home. Her chin was rested in deep contemplation between her thumb and forefinger, as if all she could think about was, "What color am I going to paint my cookie jar??" and we were nothing but white noise. So I guess I can see where our 'teacher' could learn this, "Fend for yourself -- tough, non-existent, love" mentality.

Anyway... I'll let you all know how my classes continue. There are other non-teacher teachers, so I will check them out and let you know how things progress. And if I actually make anything cool, I'll show you!

Now I'm off to the social security office to finally change my last name to my married name... and then I have to get ready for a premier of "Pudding Toast" tonight! Mike is the voice of an animated character who's name is Pudding Toast. He's a magical piece of Wonder Bread. I can't wait!!! It hasn't been made into a show yet, but hopefully it will be!! *Keep your fingers crossed!*

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  1. Dear Priscilla,
    Kudos to you! It's awesome that you're attending a pottery class. It'll be exciting to see your clay-awesome pieces!

    I'm really sorry about how the pottery instructor (and the owner of the studio) seemed very cold. Perhaps they're not used to newcomers ~ I'm sure that you can make them warm up to you, you've a delightful personality (well, with what I've read from your blog and your songs). :)

    Take care!
    - Debbie

    P.S. Congratulations on your "official" name-changing at the social security office! It must be cool to have a new name. Congrats again on your marriage :)

    P.S. #2 I've followed your blog for a while, but now I'll comment a bit more now! This particular comment is growing rather lengthy...

  2. that's so cool that you're taking pottery classes! good luck!

  3. Hope to see one of your potery soon :)
    Why don't you send a photo of you and your husband ? I will be really nice, you are probably changed since the day we've met in Nice, France, for the nice jazz festival.
    Whish you the best

  4. Ooh I love pottery. I've been doing it for 4 years. And I have to say, I've improved a lot since the very first time I've even started. I'm pretty sure you'll get the hang of it, even if you have such a horrible teacher.
    I hope you get to post of pictures of your work!