Wednesday, October 20, 2010


In our 2nd week of recording in London, we had to change studios, and this is how I discovered Richmond.

We tracked a few songs here, and overdubbed some vibes, and also had a string quartet come in and play on 2 songs!

And one day on lunch break I stumbled across 2 places that really made me happy! First was the Richmond Hill Bakery.

lots of fresh flowers for sale by the doorway

Lots of delicious pastries!!!

Cozy blankets and handmade jewelry

a shelf full of old-school toys and games

And then across the street was their deli called "A Cena On The Hill".

Out front they have fresh fruits and vegetables and potted herbs.

I had the best olive of my life here!

Very cozy interior, with fresh salads, and freshly baked goods, and meat pies, et al...

Anyway, I hope I didn't bore you too much! Only 4 more days left of recording!!! My buddy Gus, from L.A. is out here putting last minute "magicalness" to the tracks. I'm pretty excited about how it's all sounding! It's starting to get super cold out here... I have just enough socks to keep my feet warm and get me home!

Thanks for stopping by!

p. ahn


  1. Omg it looks so adorable! I used to live in England around Suffolk, enjoy the weather before it gets really cold haha. Cant wait for the new album!!!

  2. Thanks for making such nice music. I listened to "Dream" "Lulluby" and "Living in a Tree" while I was in San Francisco interviewing for medical school :)

    Can't wait to hear your new music :)

  3. no... you didnt bored me. it was interesting browsing your blog.

  4. Good luck on your album! You're one of my favorite musicians!!!

  5. Hiya, I'm studying in the UK now and I can totally understand how cold the weather is getting!

    I love your music, I've been following your blogs now and then and love to read about your adventures. Thank you for sharing. I love how you see the beauty around you and share it in pictures and words. Truly inspiring.

    Can't wait to hear your new recordings!

    Lots of love.

  6. Oh my goodness! I just googled you to see if you had a new album out, and I saw this post. I live in Richmond and you chose a good time to visit -- both of those shops are new! Sorry about the weather the past couple of days. ;)


  7. Wow, that studio looks amazing! I hope you are enjoying the UK, and I can't wait to hear the new stuff! :-D
    Any chance of you doing any shows while you're here? I was at Hultsfred 2009 in Sweden (I'm from Norway), and thought it was incredible! =)

    Good luck on the rest of the recording!


  8. you are so awesome priscilla i hope you keep making more songs

  9. This looks like a dream! Oddly enough, whenever I'm feeling lost (or destitute) in LA, I go to a bakery, and suddenly I'm reminded of everything good in life. Bakeries are always the happiest feeling places.