Wednesday, July 14, 2010

some photos & projects

Hi everyone!

It's definitely turned into Summer here in L.A. really fast! And my house has no AC, so I'm really feeling the heat. So I find myself being really lethargic lately. I realize that my days "off" are quickly dwindling, because I think I'm about to go into the studio to make Album #2 really soon, so I need to make the most of these empty days as much as I can.

So yesterday, I've decided to start 2 new projects.

Project #1: Dahlias

I stopped by one of my favorite flower shops and just couldn't resist one of their many beautiful dahlia plants. From what I can tell, they require a little maintenance. So this is my fun new project #1! I've named my plant "Penelope".

Project #2: Thank You cards

Since I didn't get a chance to make any wedding invites as I had originally planned, I'm moving on to the "thank you" cards.

And I finally uploaded some more pictures from the past month. Here are a few I like:

My broken Totoro cup

A very proud mom at the Gay Pride Parade

Sparkly car in the Gay Pride Parade

And sparklers

I hope you're having a wonderful July. Stay cool!

love love
p. ahn

p.s. Today I've been listening to: El Perro Del Mar & The High Llamas' "Hawaii"


  1. Awesome Album#2!
    I can't wait to hear it! I <3 all your songs
    Can't wait for you to start touring again

  2. Oh WOW! Congratulations on your wedding!! Big Singaporean fan here! Come to Singapore!!

  3. enjoy the lazy relaxing summer days, girl... I can't wait to hear your beautiful voice on the next album!

  4. Hey Priscilla, I know this may seem random, but you seem to be the type that can appreciate some randomness. I'm not an offical spokesperson for L.I.N.K, the organization to which i'm about to refer, but I know that they would love your support. L.I.N.K. is an organization that deals with the humanitarian crisis in North Korea. Your music is so inspiring, and so beautiful, and I think combined you and this organization could do a lot of good in this world that we live in.

    I hope all is well, and good luck with the marriage.

    Casey Key

  5. Totoro, nooooo! I sure hope you replaced that precious cup ;). Enjoy your remaining free days, and good luck with the new album.

  6. I really like your music teehee And I didn't know you got marrieed! Congrats! And I loveee anime! I hope I can go to japan one day ^.^ You should watch Smiling Pasta (its a drama an awesome one) and read Hana To Akuma :D Its awesometastical.

  7. nice photos! i love your music and can't wait until the new album comes out!

    here's some of my photos:

  8. Hi Priscilla~ ^^
    I'm your fan in Seoul.
    Your songs and playing guitar is
    so sweet,warm and fantastic!
    I have no enough word that
    express your songs.
    (I'm sory that my English is very short!
    I'm good at Korean!ㅎㅎ)
    "안녕하세요 프리실라^0^'ㅎㅎ "

    I'm looking for your album #2..
    And I'm always very impressed by
    your photos and notes posted here..
    Have a wonderful sumer in L.A

    늘 건강하고 행복하세요! ^^

  9. nice pictures! i love photographie!

    i dont mean to be creepy, but i had a dream last might that i went to a cafe and you showed up with this odd-looking guitar and starting playing beautifully, so thank you for letting me see you live in some way!

  10. wow working on your #2 album? i can't wait c: it shall be as awesome as the previous.

    wish you luck on everything~

  11. Yay for album number 2! :D

  12. Those Thank You cards look brilliant!

  13. Hi....i would like to follow your will you please add the "followers" gadget to your blog?
    this will keep me updated with your new posts...thank you.

    also thank you for your wonderful songs....

  14. Great photos, great song! Congrats on your wedding : )

  15. I think I saw you at the Korean galleria market in LA on Wednesday night... It took me a while to finally realize that it was you, and I was too nervous to run after you and ask for an autograph. Augh lost my chance. But I'm still a huge fan! :D

  16. Hey Priscilla!
    I just wanted to let you know that I came to Japan to visit my relatives this summer, and bought your CD over here :) I absolutely adore your music so I insisted on listening to it in the car~ my paternal grandma (or Obachan as I like to call her) was so soothed, when I peeked over to the passenger seat, I found her fast asleep with a goofy grin on her face! I also couldn`t help but share your music with my maternal grandparents, aunt, and cousin as well. They all think your voice is angelic! In fact, just the other day when I came back from a walk around town, I heard "Dream" floating through the air. I opened the door to find my Baba and Jiji sitting on the couch together listening to your CD! :D
    We all love you and hope you keep continuing to touch the lives of many :)
    You are such a brilliantly rare light, beautiful inside and out, and I can`t wait to hear more!
    Much love ^-^

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  18. Well, Priscilla, I'm from brazil and I just listened your song, Dream, in a Ghost Whisperer's episode. I was feeling bad and a bit sad, but suddenly I felt understood, not so lonely as I thought, well.. I can't really explain what I felt when I heard your beautiful voice.. some tears just came to my eyes.

    Congratulations, you have an amazing voice. I wish you the best. Hope you can keep singing and creating new songs. :)

    a new fan of yours,

  19. I'm so glad to find this blog. I was looking for way to say you you are amazing. Your song "red cape" is my sunbeam of evryday. Keep on making us so lovely songs orz