Saturday, December 27, 2014

PJ's All Day

This has been me ever since December 17th, when I arrived to my parents' house.  Maybe substitute the HOT COCOA for KOREAN FOOD.

Isn't this Desktop wallpaper so cute??  It's from Design Love Fest.  The wallpaper designs on her blog have been my laptop wallpapers for a while now.

Also, have any of you heard of Oyster?  The new "Netflix" of digital books?  I was wondering what you think of this idea?  At first I really liked it, but then I immediately worried for bookshops....again.  I know Barnes & Noble is the corporatest of the corporate as far as buying books goes... but at least they're still selling actual, 3-dimensional books.  Even at the airport, I'll wander around a Hudson Books, knowing they're all the same.  But still, there's something friendly and familiar about them.  Then again, my backpack load has lightened A LOT ever since I put some good reads onto my iPad.  But reading an iBook, or an eBook, still somehow feels like I'm just reading the internet....again.  And lying in bed, when I fall asleep, a cold, heavy, metallic iPad slams into my face.  I still favor books over eReads, making lists on scraps of paper and pen over using Notes on my phone, actual cards over eCards (even though I totally sent eCards this year because I didn't have enough time!).  So there you have it.  I'm caught somewhere in between nostalgia + tangibility and convenience.

And how about the good old fashioned Public Library?  I've started venturing that way more lately.  For all those books I'm curious to read, but don't want to commit to buying, or adding to my ever-growing stack of books-collecting-dust pile.  The Library is free, remember?  I recall walking to the Public Library as a kid, sitting in the corner with a pile of books I'd devour right then and there, and the countless others I took home with me.  Joke books, Amelia Bedelia, Dr. Seuss, Shel Silverstein...  I brought home "The Hunger Games" from the library a little while ago.  The germaphobe in me -- which has grown exponentially since becoming an adult and traveling on planes, trains, and rented automobiles -- didn't feel too comfortable bringing this borrowed book, which has been who knows where, into bed with me.  So I got 'old school' on it, and made a book cover out of a Whole Foods brown paper bag (recycling!) and slapped one of those on there.  Voilà!  And now that I'm a new HUGE fan of Frankie Magazine, each edition comes with an adorable calendar with a super cute design that is perfect to use as a book cover!

Anyway, there's my rant on books, eBooks, Public Libraries, germs, and recycling.

I hope you all are finding some rest and love with loved ones, or within yourself.

p. a. 


  1. The mental image of the iPad in bed is a hoot and I too have gone back to the public library and mine also have dvds so double the fun in the germ arena. Thanks for the paper cover solution and I've actually thought of putting the dvds in the freezer. Yes, sad but true.


  2. Season's greetings, o' gorgeous Priscilla!

    Being functionally illiterate leaves me blank about your Oyster dilemma. It's also restricted to US subscribers… for now. i agree with your sense of eReading though. Is it a case of form modifying content?

    If you're taking confession, i'm yet to read or watch your latest film :-S i so will though!
    Mercifully, the tele has been airing a bunch of Miyazaki films, this southern summer. Geez they're good!!! The characters truly live.

    And we know about your PJs. You even staged a concert in one!
    Peace to you, kin, and passing acquaintances.