Wednesday, August 13, 2014

"じゃね" for now...

My last full day in Japan was in Tokyo, when a bit of the typhoon hit.  It was misty and cloudy all day.  Luckily, right before I left for the wrap party, the clouds cleared into this magical, moody, emotional skyscape.

The party was beyond words.  So many wonderful people who I met through this experience, and whom I'll never forget were there.  People who have literally changed my life and made some of my biggest, most impossible dreams come true!  Everyone treated me with such genuine love and kindness.  It really is such an honor to have been able to work with this team, this Studio, this film!

The night of the party was Sara Takatsuki's 17th birthday!  Here she is looking adorable with her cake from a few days before.  She is like a little sister to me, who I look up to and respect.  I learned so much from her on this tour.

Here I am giving my long speech at the party, standing in front of the "Good Bye" illustration by Toshio Suzuki!

Everyone I worked with on the tour signed little 'tanabata' with farewell messages on this "still" photo from "When Marnie Was There".  I was so moved by this.

Kaonashi, drawn by its creator, singing "Fine On The Outside"!  After this party, we had a small Karaoke hang, that went until 4am.  I'll never forget this night!  

As the airplane took off, my heart was breaking a little, and I couldn't stop the tears from coming.
I'd only had this feeling before when leaving my family in Korea.  But it truly felt like I was leaving another family, there in Japan.  I don't know when I'll get the chance to see all these beautiful people again.  But I cherish them in my life, and will never ever forget them.

A few hours later, I was greeted with a glimpse of the super Moon across the horizon.

And on a happier note, I'll be back in Japan in less than a month!  haha!  To perform on NHK's "Asaichi" morning TV program, to promote the new theme song I wrote for Season 2 of "Soko wo nantoka", and record a new song with Toshiaki Matsumoto for "Minna no Uta".  I hope this means I'll get to keep coming back again and again!


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  1. I saw "When Marnie was there" last night.
    I cried because the movie and your song was so touching.
    When will you come back to Japan? I 'm looking forward to seeing you.


  2. adoro tu musica, es tan relajante <3 your voice so amazing, saludos desde venezuela

  3. I can't wait until When Marnie Was There is translated and comes to America... of course I have already memorized the sound track to the movie because I was able to buy it on itunes :') You sound beautiful in it Priscilla Ahn. Studio Ghibli was smart to ask you!

    1. oh WOW! Thank you so much!!! It was truly a dream come true for me! I'm excited for it to come to America too!! :)