Monday, December 9, 2013

MixTape Monday #3: DailyCandy Travel Playlist

I literally just stepped off of a plane from China, where I had no access to Facebook, blogs, let alone Spotify!  So I missed one MixTape Monday.  But to try and make up for it, here is a recently featured playlist I curated for DailyCandy!  It's a playlist to help keep your sanity in check whilst traveling to and fro during the holidays.  I wrote a little blurb to go along with why I personally chose these specific songs.  Get the skinny here.  Or listen to the playlist on Spotify.

It's good to be back home.  Safe and happy travels wherever you're going! 



  1. I love your mixtapes :) And I haven't heard that Bob Dylan song in AGES so thanks for reminding me of it, I'm listening to it right now!!

    Have you heard of You can use it to make playlists (the rule is they have to be a minimum of 8 tracks long) and then upload them, and there's also an app. You get to post cover art for each playlist which is kinda fun :)

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