Monday, November 18, 2013

MixTape Monday #1

Hi there!

I was tired of letting another week go by when I would have that moment of, "Oh man... I haven't posted anything interesting to my blog in forever!"  It's so hard for me to come up with something interesting to say or share with you all the time, like other, more professional, bloggers I love.  But then I realized today how much I love making playlists.  Especially after reading this list of 55 Things Only '90's Teenage Girls Can Understand, I remembered the mix tapes that I (and so many of us born before 1992) used to make!

So every Monday I'm going to try to post a fun new mix for you to listen to.  Most of them will be themed, and every Sunday I'll ask for some suggestions via Facebook and Twitter, so please hit me with yo' best stuff!  I actually will listen to every song you suggest.  :)  And because putting this list together tonight kept me up til 3:30am, I'll ask for song suggestions the Sunday a week in advance!  Sort of like The New Yorker does their comic contest.  Sort of.

SO HERE IS MY 1ST ONE!  I needed to clean the house today, but couldn't find the energy to do it, and needed some pick-me-up tunes to get me going.  With a few of my faves, and A LOT of your amazing and thoughtful suggestions, I feel like I came up with a really fun "cleaning" mix that'll keep me company-- and hopefully you too-- until 2014!

{Thank you for all your suggestions!  fyi:  The songs I chose are solely based one whatever mood I'm in, what would get me going when I clean the house, I chose some "hit" songs because they are "hits", and some "non-hit" songs because they are "non-hits", don't feel sad if I didn't pick yours this time!}

I loved that Fleetwood Mac was a common, nostalgic cleaning theme!  Some favorite new discoveries for me were Cathedrals, Sylvan Esso, The Drums, Mapei, Soko... 

Take a gander at the list below.... or have a listen Here.  I present to you 2 full hours of...


1.  Dance Yrself Clean - LCD Soundsystem
2.  Gypsy - Gardens & Villa
3.  Bag Of Hammers - Thao
4.  Soy Loco Por Ti America - Caetano Veloso
5.  Sweet Thing - Van Morrison
6.  Buzzcut Season - Lorde
7.  Wild Thing - The Troggs
8.  Fidelity - Regina Spektor
9.  Shock To Your System - Tegan And Sara
10.  Unbound - Cathedrals
11.  Hey Mami - Sylvan Esso
12.  See-Line Woman - Nina Simone
13.  Beautiful Woman - Shin Joong Hyun
14.  Sunny Road - Emiliana Torrini
15.  Accused Of Stealing - The Delgados
16.  MoneyGrabber - Fitz And The Tantrums
17.  Negra Leono - Miguelito Valdés
18.  Little Bird - Jay Woodward
19.  Down By The Water - The Drums
20.  Basic Space - The xx
21.  If You Think You Need Some Lovin - Pomplamoose
22.  Pumpin Blood - NONONO
23.  Caravan - Bunny Berigan And His Orchestra
24.  I Follow Rivers - Lykke Li
25.  Warm Heart Of Africa - The Very Best
26.  Three Little Birds - Bob Marley And The Wailers
27.  Vase - Miike Snow
28.  Everyday People - Sly & The Family Stone
29.  Don't Wait - Mapei
30.  First Love Never Die - Soko
31.  I Wonder If I Take You Home - Full Force, Lisa Lisa, Cult Jam
32.  Something - The Beatles

Here's an incredible video someone shared with me on Facebook.  A Japanese song about a Mother's chores::

To give me a head start on next week's playlist, please send me your recommendations for "Thanksgiving" songs -- songs that make you feel "thankful" or songs you like to listen to while getting ready for or enjoying Thanksgiving Day.

p. a.


  1. You have a high art choice , very patient , refining. I can't relax to get there, with much of what you enjoy but I find gems amongst them. I have post stress and my alarms go off. Warning me away like false sense of security and many too enlivening. Only rarely can I go there "allowed " to go with it. Feels like it is chasing me:) But your music and voice rubs my back so to speak.
    I notice a lot of performers are not really happy with themself and yearn to be able to do what others did. Elvis thought highly of many and said Roy Orbison was the best singer in the world. I think Elvis envied Roys high range which is beyond so many and it stood out with him. For me John Fogerty stands out as one of the "freaks" coming to mind amongst many.
    One very early piece of Linda Ronstadt's work has been a favourite for me. Long Long Time. Content a little depressing but art in voice , lyrics and sentiment to me. I need to endlessly chase and try and find peace than be excited. Your sentiment and pace and most content gives me peace and quite a few, a childhood contentment I once knew in another life. And a smile.

  2. Nice whistle inducing mix. Thanks P. and fans.

  3. パタパタママ、面白い。(=^▽^=)
    This song is interesting.