Monday, April 29, 2013


Limited edition, purple and yellow "Priscilla Ahn" kazoos!  

I only have about 30 of these bad boys left.  Since my store has been closed forever, I decided to treat anyone who makes a purchase from now til Thursday night (U.S. PST) with a free kazoo.  For every item you buy, you will get 1 kazoo.  So if you buy a CD and a Zine, you will get 2 kazoos.  

No coupon code necessary!  

Happy Kazooing!


P.S.  Thanks for your patience while my store was closed!  I've been so busy finishing up my record, mastering, photo shoots, album artwork, etc...  I finally was able to write "finish craft" on one of my to-do lists this past weekend, which made me realize I have TIME again -- yay!!!  Also, one of my dear friends, Juliette, has generously offered to help me put orders together in her spare time, which is amazing and a big help!  


  1. It's still closed! And I want a personally hand signed Kazoo! Priscilla, help! Your Florida's #1 fan! Stuart

    1. Hi Stuart!

      I'm so sorry they're all gone! Even my mom didn't get one. >.<

  2. Hi Priscilla. I'd love to order your new album (and possibly get the kazoo as well), but your store is still closed. How do I place the order? Any help would be appreciated

    1. Hi David,

      I closed my store because I'd given out all of the kazoos and didn't want anyone mistakenly purchasing something in the hopes of receiving a kazoo. I'm sorry you missed them! My store is back up and running though if you still wanted to purchase something and get something autographed! :)

  3. I received the personalized Kazoo with your album. Just wanted to let you know that kazooing is so fun. Maybe I had a little too much fun with it that my brain still vibrates. Happy May.