Friday, August 27, 2010

new record & new projects

So, it's official. I'll be working in England with the wonderful producer Ethan Johns. I had definite reservations about making a record anywhere but L.A., because it's my home, and my friends, and my hubby, and... well, i'm a home-body! But I think that this will be a wonderful opportunity to make my 2nd record, and have the experience be something completely different, and totally outside my comfort zone. The official start date is September 20th. (!!!) Just a mere 3-ish weeks away!

And so, before I go, I've set a few personal goals:

- I want to see more of L.A. I have a few boutique shops that I really like, but I've driven by strips of places, where it looks like there are tons of adorable stores tucked away in areas that one doesn't necessarily venture around. Not to say the neighborhood is bad. It's just that L.A. is not a very walker-friendly city. Yes, there are some areas that are really walker-friendly, but for the most part, it can be a pretty boring commute, if you're trying to get from A to B on foot. So maybe what I have to do, is drive to a random neighborhood, park my car, and just start walking. I think I would stumble on a few cool finds that, hopefully, I can share with you!

- I need to finish my "thank you" cards! They're almost done. I need to send those out before I leave, or I'll feel really unsatisfied!

- I want to start brushing up on my Japanese and Korean again, in hopes that I'll be working over there again soon. :)

- And... I'll be looking up cool places to hang and eat at in London. Maybe some of you who live in or have been there can give me some sweet tips!

Goodnight for now...

p. ahn


  1. yayyy, can't wait for your second record! good luck! <3

  2. If you want to see quaint towns in LA, go to outskirts of Pasadena or South Pasadena. They have boutiques, neighborhood wineries, and specialty stores around that is walking friendly. It's only 15 mins from downtown LA.

  3. Looking so forward to the new record! Your music just makes me so happy, I could listen to it for years and never feel bored.
    All the best for London, heres to a great time making what I assume will be another absolutely stunning record.

    Much Love,
    Norah xx

  4. East London is great for quirky shops, my favourites are Jessie and Buddug (they hand-make everything) on Columbia road and Caravan on Redchurch street, they both sell lovely things with a vintage feel

  5. If you're living in central London, it's a very walker friendly place where every corner has something cool tucked away. The downside is, it's a bit busy pretty much all the time.

    However I've been living and working in London for a few years now and it still never ceases to amaze me how I can stumble upon cool places to eat and chill out that I had never noticed before!

    I think you should just take a long (or short) walk and you're going to find something for sure.

  6. Congrats, Priscilla! Looking forward to your next album :) It sounds like a great experience.

    Speaking of boutiques, do you have any recommendations of LA boutique shops? I've lived in So Cal all my life but haven't come around to scoping out the boutiques. Like you, I'm a total homebody.

  7. Congrats!
    London should be tons of fun, and beautiful.
    Can't wait for the new record

  8. I wish I could go to london... You're so lucky! Have fun ^^

  9. Anyong-haseyo 안녕하세요 Priscilla!

    I am so looking forward to your new album and new songs! May you have a great great time recording in England. And yeah, I am so glad to find out from your blog that you are just married, CONGRATULATIONS!!!

    All the Best to you in everything!


  10. I'm sure you get asked this all the time, but will "Willow" be on your new CD? Then only recording I've found of it is on youtube where you're singing in a studio.

  11. did a little post about you and Dream today! thanks for creating such beautiful soothing sounds.:)

  12. Hi Priscilla:
    A few minutes ago I gave your name to the artistic director of Sony Music in Argentina.
    told him over dinner that he has to listen to you and then sign you for Argentina.
    Hummmm, slowly bringing you to Buenos Aires for your second honeymoon.
    lets wait and see.
    I Dream of having you sing here....

  13. Wish I could get your 2nd album soon!

  14. if you're going to london, wlll be your best friend.

  15. I'm on the East Coast, but when I was in Downtown L.A. with my bro recently for SIGGRAPH I found a super charming little Mexican place called "La Fondita Mexicana" at 607 South Union Ave at Westlake. It was a very small, authentic place in somewhat urban neighborhood. The food was good, cheap and the owner used to come out and talk to us after every meal and occasionally give us a free sample of a desert we had never heard of.

    Anyway, can't wait for the new album! Good luck!

  16. Hi Priscilla. I recently discovered your amazing music through Pandora. I then followed the internet trail until I found your blog. So thrilled to hear you'll be making a second album. Can't wait. I have some good friends in London who are an amazing couple with hearts of gold.

    Here's his website:

    Just let me know and I can do a 'virtual' introduction.


  17. Eagle Rock's got some awesome places, too - a lot of my favorites mentioned here:

  18. I can't wait for your second album although the first one never gets old for me. I've probably listened to it a bajillion times; my entire dorm hall last year got to know who you were because you were all I would listen to.

    Thank You!

    p.s. My favorite song of yours is "the moon" that you did during the take away show.

    p.p.s if you can try the indian food in london, its amazinG!

  19. Rosies Cafe in Brixton. You will adore it.

  20. Oh I think you will love London! IT's full of quirky boutiques. I really miss it. I used to live there but have moved back to Ireland now. I also lived in New York - which is where I first discovered you. Will you be playing any gigs in London?? I hope so.
    I've got one of your songs on my blog playlist and just had a note on my facebook page from a new fan of yours now :o)

  21. Hello,
    If you give a concert in Europe (specially Portugal!!) please let us know! I'd really love to see you live. Your record was one of the best things I discovered in 2009 :)
    Actually I know it by heart now.

  22. I LOVE your songs, Priscilla! :D I know that you're probably in the UK right now, but when you get back, try shopping at Sawtelle Blvd. in LA! I enjoy their boutiques like Happy Six, ANAP, and Giant Robot! >__< Have fun in England!

  23. Hi Priscilla,

    It's so exciting to hear that you'll be recording in England! I just came back to LA from studying in London for the past couple of years, and am excited to pass on what I know to you if you're ever interested in checking these places out.

    If you're into tea, this is a great place to do cream tea - - it's uber cute and has a great cultural/vintage feel to it. =) Also, the Southbank (Waterloo/Charing Cross) has some great places to eat, chill, take in some art/music, all by the Thames. It's great! And if you're looking for a good Italian place near Oxford Circus, you should check out Vapiano's - And Nando's is a must -

    Hope you're having a great time recording and exploring local spots in England. Can't wait to hear your new album =)

  24. You've studied Japanese? That's so cool. Me too (: & Korean! But I feel like I need to brush up myself.

  25. priscilla~
    you've studied japanese? that's really cool. i've been studying for the past few years too. and i've studied korean, but i really need to brush up on mine too.. haha.

  26. for Londons best kept secrets. ;)