Friday, October 14, 2011

Long drives...

The past few shows/days have been filled with lots of road. Making the 8 hour drive from St. Louis to Hays, KS, we stopped in Kansas City, MO for a little food.

We didn't eat here, but I thought his "mouse sipping wine" sign was so cute!

Incredible skies as the sun finally popped out.

Beautiful full moon against a dusty lavender sky.

Up ahead, I thought those clouds in the far distance were an island, and the space between was ocean. I guess you could say I was "road hallucinating".

The Walnut Room, Denver
We finally made it to Denver the next day and had time before the show to meet up with Sarah Fritzler for a delicious pre-show dinner at Euclid Hall. Just a quick recap: Sarah won the Creative Allies poster design contest. I've been following her blog ever since. And so this was the first time we were actually meeting each other in person! (She is absolutely lovely)

After dinner we walked up this cute street that just seemed to evoke all sorts of Holiday spirit!

The next day was another long drive, this time to Salt Lake City.

I spotted some huge wind power windmill blades being pulled along by a train!

That was pretty crazy to see...

The State Room, Salt Lake City
I tried to take a picture of the beautiful capitol building, but my camera only focused on all the splattered bugs on our windshield. Gross! We DID eat at The Red Iguana to everyone's delight. And The State Room was such an awesome venue to play at. Parlor Hawk, who opened the show, played a beautiful set.

All in all, it's been a lot of mind-numbing driving these past few days. Last night I watched an old episode of The Office, where Michael Scott is driving in a truck with Darryl and Michael's then-girlfriend who got transferred. They're driving to her new office or something. It starts out fun and happy, and then they soon become miserable and on the verge of tears. Someone says, "4 more hours. We're half-way". I almost couldn't even watch the episode because it immediately made me feel like I was back in the van! Ahh!

Show in Vancouver tonight!

p. ahn


  1. beautiful scenery along the way!

  2. We just moved from Kansas to Oregon...that is an incredibly long drive, I sympathize. :i

  3. reading this made me feel like i was a little kid reading picture books again. haha :) thanks for sharing great pictures of the journey!